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As a student, your Academic Adviser is there to guide and assist you throughout the duration of your studies to ensure that you reach your fullest potential. Your Academic Adviser is a subject expert in your field of study and understands your academic needs and challenges providing an online service, by phone and email, so that you can get the one-on-one help that you need anytime, anywhere! To set up an appointment for a telephonic advising session or when you have a query, you send your Academic Adviser an email. Your Academic Adviser will respond to you within 48 hours to assist you with your personal challenges! The additional academic support service that your Academic Adviser provides you is free, so you will never have to use your own airtime for the call.

Roles of Academic Advisers and Students

The Academic Advising Centre (AAC) is Educor’s way of providing quality academic advising. Academic advising is a deliberate and collaborative relationship between the academic adviser and the student. It is also a systematic process of student-adviser relationship intended to support students in developing to their full potential. Academic advisers provide sustained academic support and individualized attention to promote each student’s success. However, successful academic advising requires equal commitment, dedication and engagement of all partners. Each partner has specific roles and responsibilities.

The Academic Advising Centre’s Role

The AAC’s key role is to nurture a college community that promotes student success. Other roles include:

  • Providing resources and professional development necessary for exemplary academic advising.
  • Seeking input from advisers and students when considering and implementing changes.
  • Recognize the value of excellence in academic advising.

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