March 26, 2018

The College Experience

By Nana Zuke

There are so many experiences to look forward to after high school. You’ve just completed your first milestone by getting through your twelfth year of school and now you are about to start the exciting journey of college life. Scared and overwhelmed with what to expect, this experience doesn’t have to be intimidating but rather very exciting.

However, fear not as you can make the college experience memorable and successful for yourself.  Overthinking the unknown and stressing is not a great way to start your academic year.  Condition your mind to think of starting college as a new adventure that is going to benefit you in the long run. Focus only on the positives, like the degree or diploma which is ultimately your end goal.

One of the things that’s going to help you make the most of your studies is choosing a college that best suits you, with facilities that will enhance your college experience. With technology constantly evolving, it’s important to attend a tech-smart college that sets you up for success. Features like computer labs and Wi-Fi are key. One such college that offers these facilities is Damelin, a private higher education institution.

Andile Dlamini, a second year Sound Technology student at Damelin said the state of art facilities and equipment made him enjoy his studies even more. “When I started my first year doing sound technology, I didn’t realise that this field is so complex and broad. I not only learnt the theoretical part of the course but also the practical aspect of it. I’m confident that by the time I complete my studies I will be equipped to compete amongst the best in my field,” said Andile. 

Damelin also has exciting activities that are specially tailored for their students to ensure that they have a campus experience like no other. As part of their social orientation, students are treated to a variety of exciting activities, for example, a trip to Ushaka Marine World where they spend the day socialising and swimming in the wet and wild area. Such social activities assist students to relieve the mental anxiety that is associated with studying. Also, another benefit that is even more exciting is making new friends.

“I had so much fun at Ushaka with my friends. It was so refreshing to see my college mates in a relaxed environment letting loose and having fun, its activities like these that make me enjoy being a student,” said  Nolungelo Zuma, a Project Management student at the Damelin Pietermaritzburg campus.

Stress is one of the main factors that taint the student college experience. However, there are many support structures to help you manage stress. Seek assistance; speak to your lecturer about how you can get additional assistance. Lecturers are not only there to teach you but are there to offer academic support. Take the pressure off yourself and allow someone else to step in and assist.

Have fun and be present in the moment. Stressing too much about marks and drowning yourself in your studies does not help. Live a little but don’t go wild. Do not let your college days to be a blur. As much as you will be pursuing your studies, also take some time to have fun and enjoy yourself responsibly.

This time is also meant to be a fun experience that is going to help you grow.  This will help you learn new qualities that you didn’t even know you had. By making friends you automatically gain study mates and this will help you learn faster and understand things from other people’s perspectives and it will give you insight into details you might have missed when you were studying alone.

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