February 07, 2018

Part-time Learning is Key for the ‘Worker Bee’

By Ashmika Chottu 

With 2018 came a profound sense of urgency for people to get their goals in check. A sense of becoming the best version of yourself is what has motivated many to register for their dream course in hopes to find their dream job one-day or get that promotion you have had your eyes on.  

Adult life comes with it a shoulder of responsibilities that makes heading directly into full-time tertiary institutions much harder. The need to work and earn an income to live takes precedence. People have bills to pay, families to support and overall goals they want to achieve. However, studying does not always have to take the back seat.

Part-time study is fast becoming a popular way to keep up-to-date and remain relevant in the workplace.  It provides a convenient way to develop a new skill or upgrade in a particular skill, while still working and earning a living. Institutions such as Damelin, a leading private education provider, has tailored its part-time offering and created the ideal part-time learning experience for the ‘Worker Bee.’

According to National Operations Manager for Damelin, Kenneth Masilela, “If you look at a part-time student, they generally are people who work full-time, run a household, have family responsibilities and keep up with a social life.  In order for them to add part-time education to their list of daily responsibilities, they need to have a more convenient way to study than a full-time student.”

Damelin, a flagship brand of Educor, a premium provider of private education in South Africa, offers a range of part-time courses to suit the student’s budget and lifestyle.

Chief Academic Officer of Educor Holdings, Professor Henriette Hay-Swemmer, said that part-time is a new trend in South Africa. “Nowadays companies want to hire people who bring value to an organisation, not just with their degrees and diplomas, but they also want to work with individuals who are interested in developing and upskilling themselves in the working world. People who are dedicated to self-improvement are invaluable in the workplace because they are the ones who add value, shift mindsets or implement something new”, she added.

Damelin’s part-time campuses went through a remodeling across the country recently, specifically catering for the unique needs of a part-time student. Its newly renovated facilities provide modern learning and easy-to-grasp study methods that will particularly suit candidates who lead a busy lifestyle. 

Through Damelin, part-time students can conveniently earn the same qualification as a full-time student while still balancing work, family and leisure.

For more information on Damelin, www.damelin.co.za or call: 0860 532 887


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