September 13, 2017

Damelin Raises Awareness on Literacy

By Nana Zuke

As part of a community engagement programme, Damelin Menlyn donated books to a non-profit organisation, Care Net-Development in Boekenhout recently.

The donation formed part of a national book drive spearheaded by the Educor Education Foundation, a Corporate Social Partnership arm of Educor Holdings, Damelin’s holding company and largest private education provider in South Africa.

Students and staff of Damelin Menlyn rallied together with the aim of promoting literacy and set off to personally deliver the books to the Care Net-Development and Support Organisation.

Damelin staff at the Care Net-development and Support Organisation

Damelin Menlyn identified the Care Net-development and Support Organisation as a beneficiary of the books, as this non-profit organisation works on developing the youth, orphaned and vulnerable children together with their families. Established ten years ago, the Organisation seeks to support, improve and promote the well-being and lives of families.

Dina Moloto, the Student Representative Council president for Damelin Menlyn said the Menlyn initiative was coordinated between the campus community engagement committee and the Student Representative Council (SRC). She said, “The SRC members made posters to inform their fellow students and the staff about the drive. These were posted around the campus and books ranging from novels, magazines and self-help were dropped into boxes that were stationed around the premises.”

Dina added, “It was a great initiative. It was an opportunity for them as youth to raise awareness on the importance of reading and contributing towards a more literate youth. Books are expensive and not everyone is privileged enough to have a book to read. This was our way of helping to encourage youth and children to read, as it unlocks the mind to new ways of thinking.”

The books donated to the organisation 

Jessie Naidoo, Group Head of Communications for Educor and member of the Educor Education Foundation committee said that this initiative was launched by the Chairman of the Group, Leo Chetty, with his mum Mrs F Chetty as the Chairperson of the Foundation.

She said, “The Educor Education Foundation launched the book drive earlier this year across all Educor brands including the 17 Damelin campuses nationally and is truly fulfilling its purpose of spreading the importance of literacy in communities. The book drive has helped us collect thousands of books so far, which have been distributed to various disadvantaged schools in the community where our campuses are located. With this donation to the Care Net-development and Support Organisation, they will in turn be able to better the lives of the children that they take care off. Well done to our Menlyn campus for a successful initiative.”

In a society where technology has become very dominant, fewer individuals are reading especially young people. Damelin Menlyn campus saw this as a challenge and took it upon themselves to change this with a book drive initiative.

Damelin is committed to positively impacting and uplifting the lives of individuals around the communities it services.

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