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Anxious about exams? You’re not alone! Everyone gets a little panicked. Although it’s not easy to stop feeling stressed, you can use these simple relaxation techniques to keep your nerves under control and calm your mind.

Here are some tips and techniques to keep stress at bay before an exam.

Exercise As Often As Possible

Exercise is brilliant for reducing stress. It improves blood-flow to the brain, helping you to think more clearly, and it releases endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers and feel-good hormones. Playing any kind of sport, jogging or even taking your pet for a stroll are fantastic ways to release stress in an orderly manner.

Watch your favourite movie

There’s nothing better than losing yourself in a good movie plot to (temporarily) forget about the stresses of stu- dent life. So after a hard day of revision, sit back and chill for the rest of the evening. You deserve the break.

Go for a walk

You may think that sitting in front of your books all day, staring at the pages will help you learn, but it really doesn’t. Research has proven that something as simple as a walk can boost your memory and brain power. Fresh air can do a world of good, especially when you need to clear your head.

Get some sleep

You may not think this now, but sleep will be your best friend through-out these exams. A good night’s sleep or power nap can help boost your brain and memory functions, and refresh your system.

Make a post-exam bucket list

This could be one of the best types of motivation for exams. Having something to look forward to once your exams are finished will make everything a lot less dreary. Exam time may seem like the longest of your entire life, but knowing that there’s something amazing at the finish (other than passing) will make it all worthwhile!

Seek support

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed get support from your family, friends and peers. Don’t suffer in silence. Sharing your troubles will help to take the strain off you, and you may find that they have a solution that can help reduce any stress you might be feeling. Remember! A problem shared is a problem halved!

Catch up with friends

Taking a break from studying to hang out with friends might seem like a waste of precious study time, but it can actually make you more productive. Talking things out with people you trust can give you some clarity. Laughing over coffee and cake can help clear your mind and reboot your focus.

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