January 26, 2018

Want to be a Facebook and YouTube Superstar? Read this First

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Do you have designs on becoming a digital and social media entrepreneur? Do the terms digital maverick and digital maven get your blood racing with excitement? Well, this is the era of the information explosion and there is literally no time like the present to get out there and make a name for yourself using digital and social media sites. But before you decide to go shooting and uploading content to social media platforms, you will need to have a sense of purpose about it all.

It’s quite easy to get excited about the number of YouTube vloggers and popular brands on Facebook who have leveraged these platforms and enjoyed great success. But given the recent manoeuvres of both these social media giants, you are going to have to be quite strategic in your approach, if you also want to grab a piece of the pie. Two of the world’s biggest social media giants have just flexed their muscles and shaken up the online and social media space and it is going to have a great impact on you, the future internet superstar.

Facebook’s new Content Guidelines- What you need to Know 

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Facebook- moving toward more Family and Friend-focused content 

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook has just recently announced new content guidelines for Facebook which will really be changing the landscape of how people make use of the platform. The thought-process driving this is that users were getting tired of being bombarded with brand and product information and would like to see a greater move toward content shared by friends and family.

Facebook- Willing to take a knock financially in view of Personalised Content 

Facebook has acknowledged that they may lose out on sales as their base of advertisers and publishers will now pull back from the platform. But interestingly enough, Facebook is stepping forward boldly and they are willing to take a knock in favour of creating a more socially meaningful space for their users. One in which they are more connected to their friends and family. Even if it means that those very people will be spending less time logged on to their profiles.

In addition to this, Facebook has taken a closer look at their policies around video. Not wanting their users to be involved in a passive process, they are looking at a greater push toward live videos and organic reactions received from people in real moments.

What’s the deal with the new YouTube Monetisation Rules? 

On the other side of the scale, video giant YouTube has taken a stand against gratuitous video content and cracked the whip on people who are simply trying to get on the content gravy train. A pivotal incident in recent times that further highlighted the subject was the popular American YouTube vlogger, Logan Paul who uploaded a video of a man who had committed suicide at the bottom of Mount Fuji in Japan. This sparked a huge outcry with many calling for Logan’s channel to be shut down.

Hot on the heels of this, YouTube recently announced a brand new set of guidelines which will ensure the following:

  • Fewer adverts will be visible on the platform.  
  • Smaller subscriber bases will not be able to monetize and get earnings on the platform until they have at least 1000 subscribers and 4 000 hours of view time in the past year. Even then the content creators will have to be more closely scrutinised and assessed.
  • Those who advertise on the YouTube platform will be protected. YouTube is taking greater care to synch adverts with tasteful video and content.

Besides the technical aspects such as the number of views required, the overall quality of the videos uploaded will be evaluated in order to ensure the best possible user experience. Content will be monitored carefully to see that it doesn’t contain gratuitously violent and explicit content.

So, exactly what does this mean to me? I hear you ask.

Content is King/Queen! 

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Well, the truth is, in a world that is increasingly gravitating toward all things digital, you will definitely find yourself slap-bang in the middle of this context. Within this context, your content will have to stand up as original, authentic and strong.

It doesn’t matter if you’re personally involved in marketing a brand or not. The fact is, YOU are building a brand. Your own personal brand. Every piece of content that you post will have the ability to influence people and change lives.  Whether you like it or not, you will be part of the social and digital language and landscape and you will have to learn how to shape your identity in this space.

Until these social networks indicate differently, you will have to find smart ways to raise your visibility and be seen in this space. This doesn’t necessarily mean being crafty, but rather more strategic and authentic in your voice and how you put yourself out there. Many publishers are in a tailspin following this announcement. Wondering how they are going to become more visible and raise their profiles. While the future may still be unclear, we will have to watch how these circumstances unfold to the best of our ability. Expect the unexpected and prepare to position yourself powerfully in the online/digital space. 

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