November 17, 2017

Top 10 Tweets: #MarketingTips for Business Success

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Marketing enables us to use smart methods to capture the minds of people and sell the idea to them.

There is no one formula for success when coming up with marketing ideas. The possibilities of what can be achieved depends on the creativity and expertise that you put in. With marketing concepts, you can have fun, be inventive and create an impact.

The advertising space has diverse platforms and tools that you can use to engage with audiences and sell your products. You can gain influence and become an industry leader when you have an effective public relations strategy. Without a marketing plan, your business can miss out on benefits such as business growth, customer retention and advertising opportunities. 

One of the most significant places to invest marketing concepts in is the digital space. There is an incredibly large number of people exposed to digital media and devices. It would be wise to capitalise on the marketing benefits that the digital space provides.

Social media is one of the platforms to share your digital content such as blogs and links to your website. There are many dynamic social media marketing tools that businesses can use to increase their profits. Some of these tools are paid social media posts, live video tools, customer engagement tools such as messenger and comments. There is a lot to explore and gain in the social media marketing world.   

Having said that, print media advertising is not dead. There are numerous ways to present copy and artwork in a manner that will captivate people. With trendy copywriting and design skills, a business can create exceptional artworks that will capture people’s attention. With great concepts for marketing, brands can create outstanding banners, flyers, correx boards, billboards or media output.

In 10 Tweets, here are the Top Marketing Tips that you can apply for business success.

1.      ‘Be unique. Don't create a brand that's just like everyone else's. Find out what makes you different and leverage that.’ - Digital Jelly SA on Twitter

Being unique as a brand allows you to stand out in the market. Your uniqueness creates curiosity around your brand which means you gain more leads and interest. People are drawn to brands that do things differently but are still consistent in their work. Having this unique element as a business allows creativity to grow. 

2.      ‘Marketing is a contest for people's attention.’ -Seth Godin on Twitter

You have to remember that that are many brands in the same market are competing for the customer’s attention. This is why you have to leverage creativity and uniqueness to stay ahead. When you incorporate the best marketing tactics that work for your business they can work to your advantage.

3.      ‘81% of Customers begin their buying process with a Search Engine, most likely #Google. Make sure you rank well!’- DH Websites on Twitter

SEO rankings allow your business to be found on search engines and it increases the visibility of your site. The more SEO-optimised your website is, the more your site will be visible in search results and multiple search engines. A positive SEO ranking can increase your business sales and give your business exposure.

4.      ‘Provide customers with case studies & other useful information that will encourage them to sign up for your service.’- Visual Biz Training

Social media and blogs provide a space for you to share interesting information that your followers will love. Social media should not be used just as a tool for advertising but businesses should use it to share useful information such as infographics, case studies, valuable facts that people would love to know. With blogging, you can expand more on topics of interest by providing original views and resources that people will benefit from. This is a great way to connect with existing and potential customers.

5.      ‘Micro-influencers are the new black, create an army!’- Scrunch on Twitter

We have all heard by now about the value that influencers have when they are part of marketing strategies. Influencers can lead millions of followers and drive thoughts or ideas to people. They also have the power to make topics trend and increase its popularity. By recommending brands or products they create attention and publicity for the brands that they endorse.

6.      ‘Make your brand reachable through instant messenger, chat rooms, internet forums and #socialmedia platforms.’- WSIWebSense on Twitter

When people want to know more about your business, they will look for ways to contact you directly. It is essential for businesses to include contact details on their websites and social sites as well as options to pop a quick message. Every brand should use instant business communication tools such as Facebook messenger to ensure that they are reachable. This system should be efficient and brands can set up automated messages assuring clients that they will respond. They should thereafter respond promptly.  

7.      ‘Remember to have fun with your marketing.’- The M Team on Twitter

Marketing consists of using design, digital tools and intelligence, copywriting, artwork and production and many other elements that make it work. The fun part comes when you conceptualise ideas for campaigns. It is an opportunity to come up with fresh new innovations that will have the desired impact on your business.  

8.      ‘Use technology to your advantage. Utilise bots and AI to eliminate human work and help you focus on your warm leads.’ - Stephan Spencer on Twitter

Technology provides businesses with intelligence tools they can use to gather people’s information. Businesses can use artificial intelligence tools to personalise their marketing strategy for different audiences. They can also pull out people’s data to find out people’s activity and feedback on products.  

9.      ‘Treat customers as more than a purchase! Follow up with them and make sure everything is okay.’- VirtualSuccessAssts on Twitter  

Engaging with customers is a crucial element of growing your business. When you follow up on them and ensure their experience with your brand is the best, you create happy customers. Customers want to feel like they are more than just sales targets. They want to be thought of, valued and connect with your brand on a personal level.

10.  ‘Video marketing is more effective for certain messages. Sometimes it's just easier to say something than to write it.’- @SuccessAgency on Twitter

Video marketing is increasing rapidly and it contributes largely to marketing success. According to Social Media Marketing Statistics 2017, viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading text. Videos are effective and have a higher reach than normal posts do. The possibilities for shares is also higher. It is vital to incorporate video marketing into your strategy.

Acquiring Marketing Skills for Success


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Business marketing requires expertise and knowledge for it to be a success. A Marketing and Business Management qualification will ignite your marketing passion and equip you with the best proficiencies. If your dream is to become a marketing guru or gain marketing skills that will advance your business, this is the ideal course for you.  

When you study this course you will realise the potential of what you can achieve as a marketing manager or business owner.  


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