December 21, 2017

The Superior Benefits of Studying with a Private Education Provider

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Private education has come a long way in terms of growth and it has become a superior choice for most South Africans.

Private tertiary institutions are a leading business sector in Africa, with an estimated growth of 66 million students enrolled in private education by 2021.   

In South Africa, the private education market is thriving with opportunities for edupreneurs. Apart from government, business people have a chance to become role-players in providing education.   

Private Colleges such as Damelin, ICESA, CityVarsity, Central Technical College and INTEC are meeting the needs in education and helping students build their future through skills training. Students who have been unable to access university, now get their break in education through these colleges. 

“Equip yourself with as much knowledge as possible! Your current skillset will not be adequate to carry you through the next 30 years.”- Sizwe Dhlomo on Twitter     

With the growing demand for new skills in various career paths, private tertiary education provides students with a chance to study in these fields.  

The colleges are focused on alleviating the skills gap and training students with the expertise needed in various vocations. They also offer in demand courses in fields that have a skills shortage and fields that are looking for professionals.

Private colleges bring remarkable rewards such as enhanced student support, fun campus life, affordability and flexibility. Let’s further examine the distinctive factors that make private education so unique.

Tech-based learning and Qualified Lecturers 

“Lifelong learning is a prerequisite to being productive in a high tech-driven global economy, those who refuse to learn will be left behind purposeless and unemployed.”- Jeremy Forbes on Twitter   

Although private colleges are growing, they have fewer students in each class. This means that lessons are more effective and learners gain a better understanding. Students also have the pleasure of being taught by lecturers who have industry knowledge and expertise.   

Most of these colleges use digitised learning methods that prepare students for the future. Through tech-enabled learning, education becomes more appealing and keeps students captivated during lessons. This way of learning exposes students to technology and equips them with digital skills.

The colleges have a wide-ranging selection of learning programmes that capacitate students with the skills that they need for their careers. Whether a student seeks their professional expertise in the corporate world or as a business owner, the qualifications they receive will enable them to achieve their goals.

Specialised Student Support

Private college education provides personalised support for students. They have programmes in place that focus on supporting a student in their education journey.

It is through these means that, students gain academic advice in their subjects, responses to their queries and also receive career advice. Private colleges also provide a practical learning experience through its programmes, which is advantageous for a student’s career.   

Focus on Campus Culture

Private institutes make college a place where students can acquire knowledge but still relish in the environment. The personalised campus programmes help create a unique culture for the campus.

Each campus has a distinct culture about it, which attracts students and makes them want to study with the college. When the college invests in a spectacular campus life it results in growth in the number of students studying.

When campuses connect with students via social media, audiences get a feel for the campus culture. Students can tell if this is a creative faculty or business college and they can also gauge the quality of the college. 

Affordability and Flexibility 

Private colleges are generally affordable and allow students to save on costs. This means that students from disadvantaged backgrounds have the opportunity to access education. It also means that people can save on the cost of studying but still obtain a qualification.    

Private tertiary institutes can offer part-time or full-time study options. Students have the flexibility to choose a study method that best suits them. This flexibility means they can choose to study and work or pursue other goals.   

Focused Speciality Courses 

Students have options in the best courses to study and build a career with the qualification. Sometimes learners may not meet the entry requirements in public tertiary education institutions, but private education gives them the gateway to educational freedom. Some of these institutes provide bridging courses that enable students to qualify for university acceptance.  

A student can choose from a pool of in-demand courses that ensure that they have a prosperous professional career. They also offer short speciality courses that students may need in order to upskill. These short courses are helpful and add value to student’s careers.  

Exciting Programmes and Activities 

At Damelin College we have exciting programmes for students that will help them delight in college life. We achieve this by providing entertainment and events that students will enjoy. This creates a balanced life for students where they are involved in the campus life and they gain academic knowledge simultaneously.    

We are passionate about providing engaging programmes that allow students to interact with each other and build connections. These events and activities are an opportunity for students to discover their abilities. Students get to polish their talents and learn new proficiencies.

Study with Damelin: A Top Private Education Provider

Damelin is a reputable private education provider that many students have benefited from. Over the years we have built a legacy that has positioned us as a leading education provider. We are proud to say that our college boasts thousands of successful alumni who have become impactful professionals across different sectors.

Our college offers exceptional student support with the help of Academic Advisers at our Academic Advising Centre. The Academic Advisers are experts in the student’s field of study who coach students through their studies and assist with any challenges that they may have. This unique service gives students the confidence they need to complete their studies and become graduates. We are incredibly excited to offer students and professionals ‘The Life’ that will give them a vibrant and successful future. 


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