October 03, 2017

The importance of not getting complacent in your job

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When you have a job, your role is to elevate the company in that area of business in order to reach success.

Like most people, you aspire to have a successful career and an amazing job. You go through a tremendous amount of preparation for your career, you study and gain experience with every opportunity you receive. Once you are a graduate, you go out of your way to prove your skills and capabilities to employers. You undergo a lot of tests to prove your competence and improve your skills along the way. You have gone through all this preparation, to grow in your career and get that ultimate dream job.  

However, when you are in that position of influence the most important question posed is, what impact are you making in that job? How does your presence influence the business’s success? When you occupy an advanced job role, it comes with the responsibility to achieve the objectives of the position.  If you are no longer driven to meet these goals it can lead to being complacent in your job. This can have repercussions such as stagnancy in your career and it can harvest a negative impact on your professional growth.  

The Challenge: Not performing at your highest level

When your performance as an employee is not satisfactory and there are consistent signs of not doing your best, it can be concerning for employers. Your enthusiasm and passion are what inspires you to excel and without the two qualities, it is difficult to be above average. As an employee, you should be careful about producing mediocre results which will slow your progress.   

The Solution: Pushing the Boundaries and stepping outside your Comfort Zone

When you step outside your box you can surprise yourself with how much more you can achieve. This includes doing work that is over and above your normal duties to produce excellence. You have to be consistent in meeting your goals and this will push you to work hard towards seeing progressive change.

For example, you could become more proactive in taking action for a project, by planning and doing the groundwork for it to succeed. You could also come up with ideas of how you can accomplish more work in your daily tasks. You could plan to refresh your goals and improve how you accomplish them.

The Challenge: Not keeping up with Industry Trends

When you don’t keep up with the trends, your contribution in the business does not evolve or bring about innovative change. Having access to technology and tools that give you a diverse view of the industry helps you know more about the trends. It is important to address problems in situations where you have limited access to news and technology. You should also be careful not to be stuck in doing mundane tasks that are not adding value and causing the business to perform at their best level in the market.

The Solution: An Employee should volunteer for Training

It is important to be aware of current trends in the industry so that you can apply the relevant trends in your work. This helps your company achieve greater success and be recognised in the industry. With proper training you can become effective in the work that you do, which is beneficial for business. Keeping up with industry trends will has an impact on what you accomplish and it advances your professional growth.  

Challenge: Not maximising the opportunities available 

As an employee, you shouldn’t get stuck in the monotony of just ‘doing your job’. Nothing extraordinary is ever created out of ordinary output. In order to grow, you should jump at any opportunity that will be an investment to your growth. The success of great projects is not an accident but the results of hard work, consistency, effective strategy, implementation of ideas and much more. 

The Solution:  Adopt a Pro-active Attitude 

Every positive opportunity that comes to you in the company, is a chance to be developed and to learn something new. When you are enthusiastic to be trained when such opportunities arise in the company this will enrich your professional growth. This can come in the form of an offer to attend training that will enrich your knowledge and skills or empowerment through studying. It is important to always take these opportunities or challenge the company to allow them. The training will be an investment that will advance your expertise to a higher level, which is beneficial for the business.

The Challenge: Not building external relationships 

When you don’t go out of your way to maintain existing relationships and you don’t get out of your comfort level to meet new people, you limit yourself. You can miss out on amazing opportunities and access to resources when you don’t liaise with external contacts. You limit creativity and limit the possibility to be innovative in your area of expertise.    

The Solution: Taking the opportunity to Network and Build professional relationships

In any business, contacts are important and your interaction with them can bring a significant difference in a company. The contacts and relationships a business has can open new doors. You should prioritise building your professional relationships through online networking and other forms of interaction.

The benefits of professional networking mean that you can introduce your business to the market and spread the word about what you do. Contacts can introduce you to innovative concepts that you can make use of in the company. They can also direct you to useful resources and offer deals for your business.

These networking practices can come in handy when you need to launch products or need services of other businesses. You can get good recommendations and endorsements from your business acquaintances.

Overcome complacency for Career Growth

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If you have noted two or more of these issues, maybe it is time to give these areas some attention. Perhaps you need a minute to step back and evaluate what lead you to this position and consider ways to improve your career development. You can also explore ways to drive out the complacency that has overcome you.

Perhaps what your career needs is a boost in the right direction. Maybe you would like to specialise in a specific area that is related to your job. To prove to your employers that you can undertake the role, you could study a course that is relevant.

When you study towards a qualification it will enrich the growth of your career. This type of ambition will qualify you for promotions and you will become an active role-player in the company’s success. The skills that you obtain when you study further will help you play a role in being innovative and highly productive. This will lead to better job satisfaction and an increase in your professional value.  


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