April 21, 2017

9 Advantages of Being Computer Literate in the Workforce

Why you should be Computer Literate

We live in a world filled with technology. Just ten years ago, we didn’t encounter as many computers as we now do. The reality is that we can’t afford to be technophobes anymore. Computer literacy is not just a skill that’s reserved for the elite set. It is time to embrace the technological revolution and equip ourselves for a bigger and brighter future.

Why is it important to be computer literate in modern times?

The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow

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Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, the World Wide Web has been alive and kicking for the last 25 years. The origins of the internet takes us back 45 years or so. This is the time of the digital and computer revolution.

With the help of the internet, we get to connect and communicate with people across the world. The internet has made it easy for people of different backgrounds to come together for business and social purposes in a way we would have never anticipated before. What has this got to do with computer literacy? Everything!

Basic computer knowledge allows us to ‘browse’ or ‘surf the internet’. However that is not all. With computer literacy and the internet we have greater access to:

  • Information and knowledge
  • A greater understanding of culture and people of diverse backgrounds
  • More information on emerging trends
  • Greater connection to people from around the world on a social and business level

Why is it important to be Computer Literate?

Why learn to use a computer

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This is the Age of the Personal Computer Revolution

“I think it's fair to say that personal computers have become the most empowering tool we've ever created. They're tools of communication, they're tools of creativity, and they can be shaped by their user.”- Bill Gates

There is a new language emerging. Words such as coding, HTML and web design may have us approaching this world with a mixture of dread and fascination. The reality is that the children we bring into the world today will be the digital natives and influencers of tomorrow. 

Advantages of Computer Literacy

1. Computer Literacy addresses the Gap in your Knowledge

If you are a professional in your 30’s or 40’s doing the same thing on a daily basis, you probably know that you need a little technological push in the right direction to reach your full potential. Many people unwittingly settle in their careers for fewer chances and opportunities because they feel as if, ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks’

What a sad loss of rich intellectual heritage and experience!

With a little training in basic computer skills you could be flying in your career! Digital skills training has a way of opening doors and directing dreams. You can easily sign up and study part-time so that you can bridge the gap in your understanding.

The world is moving toward digital education faster than the blink of an eye. If you want to get ahead it pays to adopt the mind-set of the new digital natives.

2. Computer Literacy supports Entrepreneurship

With a whole new world that is literally at your fingertips, doesn’t the prospect of your own development get your pulses racing? Being computer literate will open your world up to new ideas, enable your self-confidence and help you to innovate. Just imagine, all you need is an internet connection, a PC or laptop and a little bit of business sense and you could be streets ahead. Now more than ever tech skills for entrepreneurs is of great importance. 

3. Depolarisation of the Office Space - a new and real phenomenon

With the increased digitisation of the world and the processes that we engage in, even our offices have become virtual/digital spaces. Depending on your industry and if you have the option to do so, you could easily work from home, a holiday destination, the beach or anywhere else that you choose.

4. Computer Literacy Skills command Innovation

As you get savvier with your computer skills, you will be inspired to innovate, experiment, try new things and get ahead in your industry. New apps, new coding programs, blogging, you name it… the digital world is yours for the taking.

5. The Importance of Computer Literacy in Education

There are different markers of development along the education journey. Assuming a child receives early exposure to computer skills training, one of the end-goals as that child matures is to be computer literate.

6. Helps students to navigate digital learning platforms

Students stand to benefit from their early computer literacy skills training as it will help them to navigate digital learning platforms. Many colleges and institutions of higher learning make use of e-learning courses. At this phase computer literacy helps immensely in allowing the student to navigate the technology needed to engage with online learning platforms.

7. Enhances job opportunities

Before a student enters the working world it is imperative that they receive some kind of computer skills training. Computer literacy prepares students for the norms and algorithms of the business world. Having some level of computer literacy enhances job opportunities. You can easily study a Short Programme in Fundamentals of Microsoft Office to help you on your way. 

8. Communication

It goes without saying that the business world involves a great deal of communication. Both interpersonally and electronically. Think emails, presentations, workshops, Skype calls and so on. There is always a level of computer literacy involved.

9. Computers streamline Business Processes

Previously, business processes used to be very tedious. Before we really, truly embraced computer skills we might have sent a staff member around the office to get people to sign a memo. Nowadays an email or giving somebody your banking details in which to deposit funds is just as good.

Embrace the fact, computers are here to stay! Instead of computers being the kind of equipment that stands between us and our personal success, we should embrace the convenience and the revolution that they bring to our worlds. Computer literacy is the new currency that will help pave your path to your career and personal development. Isn’t it time to bring yourself up-to-date?

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