October 03, 2017

5 Top Tips to help you Prepare for Exams

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Exams can be a stressful time where many are under pressure to do well for good results.

So the exam period is upon you and you are starting to feel the pressure of the crunch season. This is a time where you’re anxious about achieving a successful outcome. As you eagerly anticipate the exam and anxiously await the moment of truth, you can’t help but imagine what it will be like. Firstly you have to get rid of fear by having a good attitude, and two, having a study plan that will ensure you pass. Secondly, you need to remove all self-doubt and distractions that will hinder your preparation.

If you’ve done all that you can to prepare, there will be no reason to stress. However, it’s beneficial to know how you can improve your study methods for excellent results. For instance, you could adapt new learning techniques or use study tools to help you be better prepared. When you are eager to hit the books, you can turn your exam period and your study time into a delightful experience.

Here’s how you can transform your study season to a positive learning experience using these 5 tips.

Have a Positive Outlook 

If you put your mind to it, nothing in life is difficult or impossible. Never underestimate the challenge of studying but also build confidence in your ability. Having a positive mind is extremely important as your thoughts will influence your attitude.

Your attitude will determine what action you take to prepare and how much effort you put in. If your attitude is good and you are willing to absorb all the information and gain understanding while learning, then you will be able to achieve just that.   

Your attitude towards modules or areas you find difficult is also important in that it determines how you handle the challenge. If you teach yourself to reframe your mindset around the subjects you find difficult and be optimistic about challenging yourself to understand it, it makes your experience better. During the exam period, you can clear out your mind, remove all distractions and focus on producing excellent results.  

Get the Exam Scope 

You could have a record of being an A-student and be known as a bright student but not being aware of the exam scope has the possibility of throwing you off course. It is critical for students to be fully aware of the exam scope of each subject and prepare according to this outline. Normally, lecturers will give students focus areas that will be used in the examination so students won’t waste time studying an entire textbook.

A study scope helps students to manage their time effectively as they know which areas to focus on. This is an important part of achieving success in the exam. Typically, these are areas that are focused on prior to the exam. Students are allowed to query further on this and gain clarity in the exam areas to prepare accordingly.

Have a concrete Study Plan 

Leaving revision for the last minute is always a bad idea. You need to have a solid study plan and timetable to use this period effectively. This eliminates the stumbling block of being unable to focus sufficiently on each subject. The study plan allows you to allocate adequate time for each subject and ensures that you have the best understanding of each subject.  

It also gives you an overview to see how you can use your days effectively. Fortunately technology today offers students tools to use study time creatively. The access to study planners and learning platforms, helps students stay on track with their timetables.

Have fun while you Study 

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There are numerous ways to transform the study season from being a pressurised and intense period to a pleasant one. If you find that studying is a challenge for you, there is a way that you can adjust your approach and turn learning into a pleasant activity.  

Use Games and Techniques to help you retain Information 

When it comes to studying, you can look at ways to turn your subjects into stories that you will remember. You can associate terms and focus areas with fun themes. This makes learning fun and helps you recall information better.

This makes you think of your lessons as entertainment that you can easily memorise. It enhances your memory and brings back what you’ve learned and practiced better. You can use colours and objects to associate the different subjects and focus areas. You can use fun stationery to categorise your work and plan your studies efficiently. There are multiple ways to have fun while you study that change it from being a tedious task that you’re obligated to do. From roleplaying, to writing short stories, listening to good music and turning sessions into games, you create fun-filled learning activities. When you enjoy your study time, you will look forward to gaining knowledge and it will become a better learning experience.

Test yourself 

Often times we tell ourselves that we think we are ready or that we have studied enough. The best way to assess our level of readiness is by testing ourselves as if we were doing the exam. This is one of the most effective ways in which you can prepare for your exams. When you test yourself you are practicing what your response will be in the test.   

This is the best way to recall information and practice methods. You can implement these assessments by asking people in your study group or family to test your ability. This will help you reflect on which areas still need focus and allow you time to improve them.

Education institutions such as Damelin offer student quality study support during exam periods. The college has attentive lecturers and provides students with plenty of study material they require for their examinations. When students study towards a qualification with Damelin, they can be optimistic about getting great results for a great future.

Damelin has an Academic Advising Centre that is committed to helping students throughout their studies. These are experts in the field of your study and they are there for student’s academic needs. For assistance with challenges, students can set up a telephonic advising session or send an email to an Academic Adviser.

When you use these tips to prepare for exams, you will have a great learning experience and yield positive outcomes.


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