Short Programme in Procurement & Supply Chain Management

Certificate | Part Time | Damelin Short Programme*

The Short Programme in Procurement and Supply Management provides fundamental information on the principles, procedures, terminology, techniques and tools used in the field of purchasing and supply management. Current practices are examined, providing learners with up-to-date knowledge and skills to operate successfully in various enterprises.

The programme is aimed at equipping first-line managers with the knowledge and skills required to fulfil their management role within supply chain management by solving well-defined problems.

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Diploma in Human Resource Management

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The programme duration is 52 hours and the tuition is face-to-face. Each Damelin campus has a different tuition schedule. Programmes are offered during the week, in the evenings, or on Saturdays.

+Career fields

Learners could pursue any of the following career fields:

  •  Procurement Administration
  •  Procurement Management


  • On successful completion of the programme, the learner will receive a Damelin Short Programme Certificate in Procurement and Supply Chain Management.

+Admission Requirements

  •  Knowledge, comprehension and application of English and mathematics at Grade 11 or equivalent
  •  Relevant purchasing management experience would be an advantage

+Additional Costs

Additional assessment fees may be applicable. Refer to Academic Fee Schedule.

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+Programme Outline

The following outcomes will be achieved in this programme :

Planning your Procurement
  •  Planning and preparing specifications
  •  Buying the right quality and quantity
  •  Making buying decisions
Sourcing the Right Suppliers
  •  Selecting new suppliers
  •  Tendering and negotiation
Buying and Paying for Supplies within the Law
  •  Essential elements of a contract
  •  Creating a contract and contract terms
  •  Terms and conditions of purchase
  •  Product liability
  •  The law of agency
  •  Methods of purchasing and ordering
  •  Paying suppliers
Receiving and Coding Stock
  •  Timing and scheduling deliveries
  •  Paperwork and inspection
  •  Procedure for receipt and inspection of goods
  •  Stock coding systems
  •  Storage and issue of stock
  •  Documentation and issue procedures