National Diploma: Technical Financial Accounting (ICB)

National Qualification | Full Time and Part Time | Agent Programme**


Level 5



The purpose of this qualification is to:
  • Provide the learner with the knowledge, understanding, skills and experience to become a bookkeeper
  • Equip the learners with a qualification that can be used in the field of Accounting
  • Provide employers and others with an adequate basis for assuring that those learners gaining the qualification are competent to act as Bookkeepers, providing accounting and financial management support in medium to large organisations or to act as a senior Bookkeeper in a smaller organisation under the supervision of an outsourced Chartered Accountant or Accounting officer

    Encourage the widest possible access to the accounting profession and other accounting qualifications by making it possible for the following learners to obtain a bookkeeping qualification:

    • Those who have performed an accounting and/or bookkeeping function in their organisation for some time without a formal qualification in Accounting
    • Those who have recently taken up a position as a support staff member in the Accounting section of an organization.

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    Damelin-FET-Main-2019 National Certificate: Small Business Management (ICB)

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    1 year, full-time study based on contact hours as determined by the ICB.

    +Career fields

    Learners who complete this qualification could pursue a career as a/an:

    • Accounting technician
    • Certified tax technician
    • Operate with management within an accounting environment


    Upon successful completion of the programme, ICB will issue learners with a Results Letter outlining the modules covered and the National Diploma: Technical Financial Accounting, SAQA ID 36213 (Credits 251) with a FASSET endorsement will be awarded. Learner results will be recorded on the ICB National Learner Records Database within 3 months of completion. **Whenever Damelin offers training towards a programme that will be awarded by another provider or institute, it is called an Agent Programme. In the case of an Agent Programme, Damelin registers the learners, provides tuition and conducts internal assessments. External examinations with the agent body will result in learners receiving the certificate from them.

    +Admission Requirements

  • Learners who have successfully completed the FET Certificate: Bookkeeping (SAQA ID 58376, Level 4)
  • Admission may be subject to an interview with an academic staff member.
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    +Programme Outline

    Income Tax Returns
    • Introduction to taxation
    • Gross income
    • Exempt income
    • Allowable deductions
    • Fringe benefits and allowances
    • Prepaid taxes
    • Taxation of non-residents
    • Taxation of business entities
    • Completing tax returns (IT12S, IT12C, IT14)
    • Capital Gains Tax
    • Donations
    • Estate Duty
    • SARS and the Tax Practitioner
    • Business Law & Accounting Controls

    • The unspoken laws of business
    • Written laws of business
    • Managing your personal finances
    • Accounting systems – internal control concepts
    • Managing accounting systems
    • Accounting systems – Stock Control
    • Accounting systems – Analytical review
    • Liquidation and executors’ accounts
    • Estate planning (insolvent & deceased estates)
    • Workplace Learning

      This programme does not include a Workplace Learning Component