ICB Programme in Business and Office Administration 2

Certificate | Agent Programme* | Part Time


This Programme is endorsed by the ICB and covers the outcomes of the fundamental unit standards required for the following:

  • Higher Certificate in Office Administration

Learners will register for this Programme should they wish to obtain the above-mentioned qualification as well as any other qualification that includes the same unit standards. This learning area is designed to equip the learner with the basic office administrative skills required to operate effectively in business.

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Diploma in Human Resource Management

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The programme duration is 40 hours and the tuition is face-to-face based on the NQF notional hours. This excludes time to complete assignments, research and self-study. Each Damelin campus has a different tuition schedule. Programmes are offered during the week, in the evenings, or on Saturdays.

+Career fields

Learners who have completed these unit standards, together with other relevant Programmes (ICB), will be able to pursue a career in Business and Office Admin fields.


Upon successful completion of the programme, ICB will issue learners with a Results Letter outlining the modules covered. **Whenever Damelin offers training towards a programme that will be awarded by another provider or institute, it is called an Agent Programme. In the case of an Agent Programme, Damelin registers the learners, provides tuition and conducts internal assessments. External examinations with the agent body will result in learners receiving the certificate from them.

+Admission Requirements

The learner must have completed the following 6 learning areas in the Certificate: Office Administration:

  1. Office Communication 
  2. Business and Office Administration 1 
  3. Bookkeeping 
  4. Marketing Management and Public Relations 
  5. Business Law and Administrative Practice 
  6. Cost and Management Accounting 

+Additional Costs

Upon enrolment, learners will have to pay a once-off Registration Fee with the ICB (if they have not done so previously).

Registration fees are payable to the Damelin campus who will in turn pay it over to the ICB on the learner’s behalf. Additional assessment fees may be applicable. Refer to Academic Fee Schedule.

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+Programme Outline

  • Office equipment and ergonomics
  • Filing systems and records management
  • Reception duties
  • Dealing with customer queries
  • Travel and events management
  • How to manage yourself in the workplace
  • Banking, cash control and the business information manual
Workplace Learning

This programme does not include a Workplace Learning component