Certificate: Office Administration (ICB)

Certificate | Agent Programme**


Level 5


This programme provides an opportunity for the learner to acquire a range of administrative skills crucial to the successful functioning of any organisation. This programme equips learners to understand office management techniques and overall skills required for an office environment.

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Damelin-FET-Main-2019 National Certificate: Small Business Management (ICB)

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The programme duration is 60 hours and tuition is face-to-face. Each Damelin campus has a different tuition schedule. Programmes are offered during the week, in the evenings, or on Saturdays.

+Career fields

Learners who complete this qualification could pursue a career as a/an:

  • Receptionist
  • Office Assistant
  • Office Administrator
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Marketing Administrator


Upon successful completion of the programme, ICB will issue learners with a Results Letter outlining the modules covered and the Certificate: Office Administration, SAQA ID 23618 (Credits 120) with a FASSET endorsement will be awarded. Learner results will be recorded on the ICB National Learner Records Database within 3 months of completion.
**Whenever Damelin offers training towards a programme that will be awarded by another provider or institute, it is called an Agent Programme. In the case of an Agent Programme, Damelin registers the learners, provides tuition and conducts internal assessments. External examinations with the agent body will result in learners receiving the certificate from them.

+Admission Requirements

  • Knowledge, comprehension and application of English language and Mathematical literacy at Grade 11 or equivalent.
  • Admission may be subject to an interview with an academic staff member.

+Additional Costs

  • Learners are expected to make provision for the following item: Event Planners’ Toolkit, subject to quote from suppliers.
  • Additional assessment fees may be applicable. Refer to Academic Fee Schedule.

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+Programme Outline

Business Literacy
  • Key principles of effective communication in the workplace
  • Business writing skills
  • Spoken communication
  • Work readiness
  • Business calculations: fractions, decimals, integers, percentages, ratios, proportions, equations, interest rates, measurements, shapes
Bookkeeping to Trial Balance
  • An introduction to business, bookkeeping and accounting
  • Recording cash transactions
  • Recording credit and sundry transactions
  • Inventory systems
  • Individual accounts for debtors and creditors
  • The bank reconciliation process
  • Supplier/creditor and general ledger reconciliations
Business Law and Administrative Practice
  • “The Law”
  • The law of contract
  • Breach of contract
  • Remedies for breach of contract
  • Termination of contracts
  • The law of delict
  • Contract of sale
  • Credit Agreements
  • Contract of lease
  • Contract of agency
  • Contract of partnerships
  • Business entities
  • Contract of Insurance
  • Contract of suretyship
  • Negotiable instruments
  • Contract of Employment
  • Intellectual property and competition law
  • Environmental law
Marketing Management and Public Relations
  • Basic concepts in marketing management
  • The internal marketing environment
  • The external environment
  • Determine a marketing strategy
  • Understanding “product” in the marketing mix
  • Understanding “place” in the marketing mix
  • Understanding “promotion” in the marketing mix
  • Understanding “price” in the marketing mix
  • The role of public relations and mass communication
  • Integration – formulating a strategic marketing plan
Cost and Management Accounting
  • An introduction to managerial accounting
  • Controlling inventory and overhead costs
  • Accounting for manufacturing enterprise
  • Budgeting and standard costing
  • Job Costing
  • Preparing contract accounts
  • Process costing
  • Financial management
Business and Office Administration 1
  • The role and function of the secretary
  • Creating Evidence and maintaining confidentiality
  • Handling mail
  • The role of the receptionist
  • Record management systems
  • Communication for business